Blast from the past


We walk past them each day, but do you know anything about the printing presses that stand in the corners of the ground floor of Caxton House? (And no, they’re not there so you have something to lean on when you’re chatting to your bestie.)Printing press-history

Peek inside the Press room today and you’ll find this Albion Hand Press, which was invented in 1878. Historically this make of press was first manufactured during the 17th century. This machine replaced the press used by Gutenberg, the inventor of the first printing press, to print the first bibles.

According to group production manager Sada Reddhi, no one knows exactly when this particular press was brought to South Africa, and by whom, “only that it was acquired by Caxton during one of its many printing acquisitions over the years and now stands as a collector’s item at Caxton House for us to admire and reflect on our proud printing heritage.”