Food for thought


Let’s face it, our Caxton Café is a life saver for those of us who tend to eat-on-the-go or just need that coffee buzz to kickstart each day. Of course, it’s a convenient meeting place, too. But bet you didn’t know that ‘Lucky Fish’ ranks as the most popular lunch menu item? Yep, that’s the hake and chips order!

In the sandwich stakes, Caxton people love toasted chicken mayo the most, but it’s followed closely by the toasted bacon, avo and feta sandwich.

Here are 3 more interesting facts we’ve gleaned from owner Thandiwe Nyoni.

On average, per week…

  • We drink 210 cappuccinos and americanos
  • We eat 35 loaves of bread…
  • and 180 eggs! (That’s a lot of protein power!)