5 new Magazine media planning and buying developments you need to know about


By Ingrid Booth, Senior Digital Editor

The world of media is constantly changing with new developments every day. Here are the 5 new learnings on media planning and buying in the magazine industry.

1) The Establishment Survey which launches first wave on 29 March will give you information on demographics, LSM groups and new Socio Economic Model by reading of magazines or online magazine content generally ie by the category and not at the brand/title level. As well as topics of interest, average time spent reading, average days of the week that you read, average number of issues read and on which form or device print, laptop/desktop, tablet or cell phone. Due to a sampling change from the Amps research and more of the sample being in rural areas, these be less than what we have become used too. Even using the old LSM’s, the data will not be comparable to Amps.

2) The PRC (Publisher Research Council) will release a qualitative study in April that will look at why audiences choose to read. Measuring more specifically the attributes likeattention, credibility, reference sources, believability and multiple pick- ups during the issue period.

3) A Synergy study to be released in April will look at the ROI against actual sales figures and ad spend when including print on a mixed media schedule.

4) Brandmapp which is a large sample, online completion questionnaire looks at media consumption, demographics, activities, shopping habits and some branded information too. Launch date to be confirmed but in first half of the year.

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5) PAMS – Publisher Audience Measurement Survey – to be released in early October, will be the new currency for magazines at the brand/title level. The objective of this survey is to give advertisers single source data that provides an unduplicated total reach figure for titles across multiple platforms of content and individually ie print, electronic versions, websites and social media. PAMS will also be fused with the ES data so that inter media comparisons can be analysed.

2017 will be an exciting year for us at Caxton Magazines as we digest all this new information, equip our client service people to talk to you about all this data and how it can work for your brands and are able to apply to our client proposals in an effort to make our magazine titles a relevant,  continuously improving effective and cost efficient media  partner.